January, 2018

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Matrix space ICO

About An Open Source Public Intelligent Blockchain Platform MATRIX is an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. With its infrastructure re-built with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, MATRIX revolutionizes the user experience of executing smart contracts by making the whole process faster, easier, and safer. MATRIX offersRead More


Vinchain – Automotive Data Marketplace As Nobel prize winning economist, George Akerlof explained in his 1970 paper, The Market for ‘Lemons’: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism, a market with asymmetric information where one party knows significantly more about the product than the other opens up possibilities for fraud orRead More

Arcona : A Blockchain Powered Ecosystem with Digital Land Reality

Running a virtual business is potentially conducted when you select a right type of your business. Arcona is a promising platform for merging real and virtual worlds in the worldwide. It creates an augmented reality layer with digital land and token payment. Let’s find what the things make it recommended.Read More

LOOMIA – A Decentralized Platform for Identity and Personal Data

It might be true that many people nowadays are still very familiar with technology which is used. It means that they can only use it as it is. People can find the device which is used specifically for certain function. Nevertheless, some people might be surprised with the device whichRead More


Modern people and the internet cannot be separated one another. It is sure that nowadays accessing internet can be done very easily. People can simply use their computer to connect the internet but the internet use is getting wider time after time. The smart phone use surely plays very importantRead More

BetterBetting Opens ICO Public Sale for BETR

About BetterBetting The online betting industry has lacked innovative ideas for some time. Odds are massively in favour of the bookmaker, payment methods are outdated and regularly winning players are restricted or banned. There is a lack of security, lack of privacy, extortionate fees and low returns, all of whichRead More


What is Storiqa? Storiqa is a platform that promises to let anyone build an online marketplace using blockchain technology. Basically, it’s a customizable ecommerce platform built on blockchain technology. It promises to change the way we shop online. The platform is catered towards anyone who sells products and services onlineRead More