Thursday, December 7th, 2017

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Earth Token – Participate in $120 trillion natural asset market

impactChoice is in the business of environmental impact mitigation, and will launch Earth Token this year. Its software solutions across industries help businesses calculate, assess and act on their carbon footprint. Businesses can more accurately pass costs onto consumers or offset environmental impact by, say, donating to a charity orRead More


Built on Trust + Compassion “As an avid trader and investor, I was personally victimized by a lack of innovation and professionalism within the digital asset exchange world. Losing my life savings on an exchange without notice, while being unable to contact any real representative ingrained in me the needRead More


What is the Gilgamesh Platform? At its core, Gilgamesh is a self-governing, knowledge-sharing social network platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts, IPFS and blockchain technology to create a secure, fair, and engaging ecosystem that connects readers, critics, authors, and self-publishing service providers to influence the book industry and remove theRead More