November, 2017

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Industry Metrics The Gaming industry is a huge market accounting for about to 2.2 Billion gamers around the world. As of 2017, The industry is valuated at 109 Billion dollars.The actual challenge is the growing need for more computational power to follow up with the fast paced games development. AsRead More

INDAHASH ICO – working app, 130 person team, 300 000 influencers

Today I’d like to talk about indaHash – an ICO worth your attention and time. Don’t worry though – 1stminingrig will not become an ICO-oriented website. However, since ICOs have to do with how one can invest and get value from their mined cryptos, I thought that you will beRead More TIO ICO TradeToken For Cryptocurrency Asset Trading is looking to disrupt not only the cryptocurrency industry, but the finance and entertainment arena with its initial coin offering (ICO). The group has initiated its pre-ICO token sale today, which follows on the heels of its recent appointment of entrepreneur and billionaire, Chien Lee. The addition of Mr.Read More

Tokenbox, an All-Purpose Solution for Fund Managers and Investors

Addressing a major industry conference today in Barcelona, Viktor Shpakovsky, co-founder of  The Token Fund, a crypto asset investment vehicle, outlined the benefits he along with his colleagues are planning to bring to their new fund creation and management platform Tokenbox. Announced last week, the Tokenbox’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO)Read More

PlayKey – PKT ICO Cryptocurrency Cloud Gaming Platform

What Is Playkey? A cloud gaming platform the Playkey allows gamers to play top-rated games on obsolete PC and Mac. Playkey has spent 4 years on developing gaming technology that is already available in Eastern US, EMEA and CIS countries on PLAYKEY.NET and is used by 1 million gamers everyRead More

LiveEDU Powering education with smart contracts. Next-gen

LiveEdu launched Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in November 2017. There have been a number of successful ICOs recently. In the Musiconimi music room there is a Civic in the identity verification room and Gnosis in the prediction market. Some of the biggest ICOs have raised millions of dollars, like TezosRead More

Gladius Using Blockchain As Global CDN And DDoS Mitigation System

It seems that nowadays the front pages of papers are inundated with news about cyber hacks. First, it’s the Equifax hack, and next, it’s the SEC admitting, almost a full year later, that its filing system was breached in 2016. Further, companies are seeking ways to increase webpage load timesRead More

Cashaa Blockchain Payments

I first heard about Cashaa through an article published by Tech in Asia, where the author compared this new ICO company to the beloved blockchain unicorn — Omisego (OMG). As a huge fan and advocator of OMG, I knew I had to dig deeper. I was a bit skeptical at first. AfterRead More

CrowdWiz ICO CrowdWiz project focused on creating a decentralized investment ecosystem. You may say that there are plenty of investment platforms already but Crowdwiz has an innovative approach. It is going to be driven by its own users which they call “wisdom of the crowd” CrowdWiz is going to give theRead More

Jincor Ecosystem and Tokens aims to solve the most common problems that are the subject of the crypto project. If you look at the crypto project, you may find that the crypto platform will be the solution to the problems commonly encountered in your crypto currency digital business. Jincor basically has the sameRead More