Friday, November 24th, 2017

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TOKEN SALE -ARNA- Genomics Introduces A Revolutionary Solution For Cancer Diagnostics And Treatment Biotechnologies – Blockchain Ecosystem Arna Panacea.

  ARNA Panacea Blockchain Biotech Ecosystem ARNA Panacea is a solution which provides to all interested participants in the cancer diagnosis market with a new way of accessing and interacting with the system for collecting and storing medical research data. By using ARNA tokens, their holders will be able toRead More


AION is another stab at the interconnection problem that the blockchains of today face in garnering real world use and information transmission. The basic principle is simple – blockchains such as Ethereum have created the basal requirements for Smart Contracts and truly computerized/digitized agreements between trustless parties. However, Ethereum isRead More

etherGREEN -GREEN token! How can we help nature⚡️

it is not news hearing that our poor little blue planet is dying. Many factors can be pointed at as primary reasons for this rapid and continual degradation and most of them are caused by man and his activities. Where do we start from? Is it the exponential deforestation thatRead More