September, 2017

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Crystal Clear Services (CCS) brings a revolutionary future and the latest technologies from the online industry.

Crystal Clear Services making a revolution in offline local service Crystal Clear Services brings a revolutionary future and the latest technologies from the online industry to offline local services, which everyone uses on a regular basis and inevitably faces serious problems of lack of organization and non-transparency of the existingRead More

STeX Project

Which wallet should I use to store STE tokens? STE is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their STE tokens using existing Ethereum clients including official Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet). Can I participate in theRead More

HEDGE TOKEN | Platform untuk instrumen crypto dan indeks crypto

About Hedge Project Hedge Project is focused on developing the platform for hedge instruments for crypto markets that will enable crowdsale supporters, technology evangelists, and crypto investors to manage the risk exposure they have on the market. The platform will include the possibility to trade indices, basket of cryptocurrencies orRead More

iBuildApp Network Mobile Blockchain Advertising Platform

What is iBuildApp Network iBuildApp Network is building blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry.iBuildApp Network introduce a decentralized, mobile marketplace based on Ethereum Blockchain.The iBuildApp Network is building a decentralized mobile marketplace that will include a mobile advertising network, called adNetwork, which will make use of theRead More

[ICO] ⚡ Electroneum ⚡ Token Sale Sept 14th Mobile Mining Crypto Coin

About Electroneum Electroneum is a leap forwards in the accessibility of cryptocurrencies. We are raising funds to further develop Electroneum via a crowdsale token sale. DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY Electroneum represents a vast leap forwards in the ease of use and accessibility of a cryptocurrency. ENORMOUS MARKET The ease of use andRead More

EthBooks Decentralized e-Book Platform

  what is EthBooks? EthBooks is an e-book store focused on cryptocurrency topics. Publishers are able to upload their work for free in appropriate sections of the store. Buyers on the other hand can search, review and purchase ebooks related to their subjects of interest. The EthBooks store will beRead More

DomRaider – ERC20 token based decentralized platform / Online auction service

  DECENTRALIZED BLOCKCHAIN AUCTIONS IN REAL-TIME DomRaider is launching its token, the DRT, to finance its growth and to propel its blockchain auctions onto a worldwide sphere. About DomRaider DomRaider network is an open-source blockchain dedicated to the decentralization of auctions in real time. It will be transparent, reliable, adaptableRead More


Apa itu EventChain? Platform EventChain Smart Ticketing diluncurkan untuk menciptakan infrastruktur peer-to-peer dimana tiket acara tidak memiliki biaya pemrosesan yang berlebihan dan tersedia secara luas di platform untuk semua orang. Ada begitu banyak masalah dengan industri tiket acara saat ini yang dapat diperbaiki oleh platform SmartTicket EventChain. Banyak penonton acaraRead More

GOLDMINT-penjualan token

Hi Sobat kali ini saya akan membahas sedikit tentang sebuah Project ICO untuk EMAS GOLDMINT Namanya. Apa itu GOLDMINT? yuk simak Platform GoldMintElevator Pitch GoldMint adalah platform berbasis blockchain yang menggunakan aset digital GOLD, yang 100% didukung oleh dana emas fisik atau exchange-traded funds (ETF). Ini berarti satu GOLD samaRead More


Apa itu Perubahan? Perubahan adalah bank kripto yang menawarkan berbagai layanan keuangan termasuk kartu bank, peluang investasi di pasar global, kripto, asuransi dan lainnya. Apa itu Change Wallet? The Change Wallet adalah dompet blockchain multi-aset yang mendukung semakin banyak kriptocurrencies. Pengguna dapat mengirim dan menerima kriptocurrency serta membayar produk danRead More