July, 2017

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[TKR] Trackr | Portfolio management app with smart market alerts

Lonjakan kripto-kardiak telah memberi tekanan lebih pada pedagang untuk terus memantau pasar dan media dalam usaha berinvestasi dengan risiko rendah dan tingkat pengembalian yang tinggi. Hal ini menjadi sangat sulit untuk mengikuti terus munculnya koin dan teknologi baru; Pasar terus-menerus dalam keadaan volatile karena pengumuman media dapat dengan mudah mengayunkanRead More

Indorse – Decentralised Professional Networking Platform

Indorse Decentralized Professional Network Indorse is a decentralized professional network powered by blockchain technology where you own your data and get paid for your contribution What is Indorse? ‘Indorse’ is a revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking. Unlike traditional platformsRead More

CrazyBET – Bet on any events with you friends. ICO start on July 23.

CrazyBET  Our mission is to allow friends to easily bet with each other on any events. Starting with a bet “who will drink more beer” to PvP game wall to wall. CrazyBet.io is a gambling site developed within the ICO project. CrazyBet has a mission that makes it easy forRead More

Orocrypt’s ICO – Ethereum Blockchain Meets Precious Metals

Another fascinating Ethereum based investment protocol is soon to open for crowdsale in the blockchain market. Another fascinating Ethereum based investment protocol is soon to open for crowdsale in the blockchain market. Yes, we are talking about Orocrypt’s a month long ICO to be launched on June 14, 2017. WithRead More

Bitclave – Decentralized Search ★ July, 25. Pre-Sale ★

TUE 25th JULY, 11:00 AM (GMT) We will open a very short window for pre-sale SIN, SHANGHAI 7 PM / NEW YORK 7 AM LONDON 12 PM / MUNICH 1 PM About Us BitClave envisions a world where smart contracts replace the need for middlemen, changing the way communities useRead More

[ICO] TribeToken – A Decentralized Charity Platform – ICO July 24

TribeToken Introducing TribeToken, an innovative decentralized digital Token, that is meant for charity. What is TribeToken? TribeToken (TRIBE) is a decentralized charity platform. We use Tokens, but unlike other Tokens, TribeToken is fully dedicated to charity and is decentralized. Unlike most digital currencies, TribeToken doesn’t have its own Blockchain, butRead More

Portfolio management app with intelligent market alerts

PRE-ICO is LIVE now and will last until Monday 12 PM UTC Trackr Tired of constantly missing out on crypto market shifts? Want to track your portfolio worth against historical and current value? Interested in machine learning price prediction models? Trackr is a smart cryptocurrency app that tracks your portfolioRead More

Suretly: First crowdvouching platform

  What is crowdvouching?  Crowd-vouching can be used for any type of loans or credits. But briefly we’re focusing on small, short-term loans market (including payday loans). It allows us to offer bigger rewards to investors with a higher risk level. Besides, the micro-financing market is one of the largestRead More

Pre-ICO ANN] RootProject – Restructure Capitalism. Eliminate Poverty

About Root Project a nonprofit powered by a very profitable cryptocurrency Laborless Crowdfunding 1.A new crowdfunding model creates supply and demand for community projects.  Project initiators don’t need to complete the project or know anything about cryptocurrencies.  Donors get tax deductions.  Socially visible projects enhance reputations. Cryptocurrency A portion ofRead More

ACT – Citizens First Driving Social Accountability

Pre-ICO: 2pm CET 18th July 2017–1st August 2017 “THROUGH AUTOMATION OF ORGANIZATIONAL GOVERNANCE AND DECISION MAKING IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE TO TRANSFORM THE POWER IMBALANCE BETWEEN STATE AND CITIZEN ACTION, AND IMPROVE SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY” ACT is a next-generation organization that can aggregate funding from unlimited numbers from citizens targeting changeRead More