Monthly Archives: May 2017

Crypviser Blockchain- Based Encrypted Communication Platform Announces the ICO of CVCoin Tokens
Press Release: The first blockchain-based, encrypted communication platform Crypviser has announced CVCoin as an integrated crypto-token and its launch in [...]
OnPlace Inc. – Become an investor of private companies
There are many ways that you can choose to invest your money these days. Some people might invest their money on stock while other people might invest [...]
Prospectors – Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy
About game The background of the game is a map where all objects are situated. A player can choose a sector (register a lot), and then do anything he wants [...]
Monaco VISA®, World’s Best Cryptocurrency Card, Raises $3M in 3 Days, Announces Instant Cashback Program
ZUG, Switzerland, May 24th, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Monaco Technology GMBH, the company behind the revolutionary Monaco VISA® Card and App, announced the [...]
BitCAD Introduces Encrypted Smart-Platform with Decentralized Trade Engine, Announces ICO
BitCAD Introduces Encrypted Smart-Platform with Decentralized Trade Engine, Announces ICO BitcoinPress Release: BitCAD launches its encrypted [...]
[ICO] PATIENTORY: Blockchain-Secured Medical Records
Patientory: The Blockchain Based Electronic Medical Record Storage Network Patientory is proud to introduce PTOY, the token that will power the Patientory [...]
COINDASH – Changing the way you trade – [ PRE-ICO ]
COINDASH Operating System For Crypto Assets CoinDash world’s first social portfolio management platform Using our groundbreaking platform designed [...]
SONM – Decentralized Supercomputer For General Hosting and Scientific Calculations
SONM- PRE ICO Have you ever bought Hosting packages for your site or Virtual private servers? From where you bought them? I am quite sure almost all of [...]
Exscudo, Cryptocurrency Financial Services Provider Releases its First Video Message
Exscudo, Cryptocurrency Financial Services Provider April 10, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia – The cryptocurrency linked financial services platform, Exscudo [...]
?☠ SpacePirate ICO – RUSTBITS Game Economy & Trading cards ☠?
SpacePirate is an ICO coming from (surprisingly) the gaming world. Gaming industry is worth over 70 billion dollars overall, long surpassing the film [...]